Advanced breeding service in Western Sydney

Vaginal insemination (AI)

A vaginal insemination is non-invasive and requires less skill by the operator making it a more cost effective procedure. The insemination involves using a plastic catheter and placing it at the level of the vagina. Semen is deposited via the catheter into the vagina. With good quality semen litter sizes would be similar to natural matings. However more precise methods are also available.

Transcervical insemination (TCI)

A TCI is a form of artificial insemination that involves additional expertise and equipment. A vaginoscopy is performed (vaginal exam with a scope and camera) to identify the cervix and deposit semen directly into the uterus. The procedure will maximise the chances of pregnancy when compared to an AI. A TCI procedure does not involve surgery. It is non-invasive and fast.

With both mating options above we recommend consecutive inseminations usually 1 day after the other to further maximise the chances of pregnancy.

Surgical insemination (FSI)

An FSI has a very similar conception rate to TCI. It involves a surgical procedure in which a small abdominal incision is performed and semen is directly injected into each uterine horn. We commonly recommend this for frozen semen as the viability of the semen is only 12-24 hours or in complex cases in which a regular artificial insemination can’t be performed.