We provide a comprehensive reproductive service

  • Artificial insemination (AI) with intravaginal deposition of fresh or chilled semen;
  • Transcervical Insemination (TCI) with fresh, chilled or frozen semen;
  • Surgical implantation (FSI) of fresh, chilled or frozen semen.  
TCI – Transcervical Insemination Technique

To confirm pregnancy, to diagnose infertility problems, or to identify uterine disease such as pyometra, we will use an ultrasound. This can normally be done without sedation or anaesthesia during your consultation.

Our in-house progesterone machine can give an accurate result within 60 minutes, indicating ovulation to accurately identify the ideal time for mating or artificial implantation of semen.

We have specialised equipment that allows us to give an accurate sperm count on the dog, as well as examine and evaluate your dog’s semen for potential fertility problems.

Dr. Chris Papantonio is also trained in the Camelot Farms Preservation System allowing us to freeze and preserve your dog’s semen indefinitely. We have storage facilities in our liquid nitrogen tanks as well as a dry tank shipper to transport preserved semen.

Caesarian Section

If your pet is a breed that will likely need a caesarean or birthing assistance, we will schedule your pet in for the surgery in advance.

If your pet does require medical assistance during natural birthing, we also provide a 24 hour service for our breeding clients throughout the year. It is best to let us know if your pet is starting to have problems as early as possible.