A Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner is an advanced imaging modality that uses the same technology as a traditional radiograph, however, it obtains images in the form of slices and is able to reconstruct these slices into three-dimensional models of the affected area.

This provides excellent detail of an animal, thus providing our veterinarians with much more information about your pet than was previously available.

We also take referrals from other veterinary hospitals and will send your vet the results once they have been read by a specialist radiologist. 

The CT scanner is used  to investigate specific disease such as:

  • Investigating tumours specifically for their precise location and relationship with any neighbouring structures
  • Possible Spinal Disorders
  • Investigation into Nasal or Middle Ear Disease
  • Investigation for orthopaedic problems such as elbow dysplasia or plan for corrective orthopaedic procedures in fracture repair or corrective bone deformities
  • Brain Scans
  • Dental Imaging

We are one of few veterinary hospitals in Sydney that can offer this service in-house. Our scans are also reported by a Veterinary Specialist in Radiology.