Cat and Dog Boarding

Boarding your pets with us is ideal if they have special requirements, such as medication that needs to be administered or a special diet, or if they need to be confined i.e. after surgery.

Our dog boarding facility provides your pet with a relaxed atmosphere, created by having fewer kennels. All dogs are brought inside the air-conditioned hospital to sleep. This also provides for extra security, warmth/cooling, and to ensure our neighbours are not distracted by barking, howling or general noise from the overnight boarders. 

Cats board in the dedicated feline room and receive play an exercise throughout the day with a staff member. Cats will not be let out together and will go back into their secure double-cage at night which have a cat bed/hut, a litter tray, and fresh food/water. 

Before considering whether to board your pet please check their vaccination records to make sure they have been vaccinated within the past 12 months. If your pet is due for a booster vaccination make sure this is done well ahead of the boarding period.

Our boarding spaces are booked well in advance of holiday periods. Call our team as soon as possible if you will require boarding at our hospital.