If your pet is a breed that will likely need a caesarean or birthing assistance, we will schedule your pet in for the surgery in advance. If your pet does require medical assistance during natural birthing, we also provide a 24 hour service for our breeding clients throughout the year. It is best to let us know if your pet is starting to have problems as early as possible.

Does my dog need a caesarian and can we plan a caesarian?

We recommend caesarian section for certain breeds of dogs or patients that have had previous birthing difficulties. A caesarian can also be planned with progesterone testing. Often more than 1 test is required. The gestation period of a dog can range from 57-72 days. On average most dogs will give birth between 60-63 days. We recommend progesterone testing to plan an elective caesarian.

What if my dog needs surgery during the night?

Despite our best efforts of caesarian planning, in rare instances surgery may be required in the middle of the night. At Colyton Vet we offer an after-hours service for emergencies.

What signs do I need to look out for during natural birthing that classifies as an emergency?

As a generalisation most dogs will start to nest, display abnormal behaviour and pant prior to active labour. Dogs that can give birth naturally often do however, complications unfortunately out of our control can occur. Some indications that your dog may need an emergency caesarian:

  • Green or black vaginal discharge
  • No further contractions or active pushing
  • No further pups being delivered after 3-4 hours
  • An obstructed puppy in the canal not being expelled despite ongoing contractions